Webber Surfboards

Webber Surfboards Australia

Surfboards designed by Greg Webber


3 comments on “Webber Surfboards
  1. jamie weeks says:

    I got a webber pulse. A two years ago…..it has 5 fins…..I never picked up the 5 th fin from surf shop…I have been just ridin it as a quad….I m goin on a trip n anticipate decent size surf…..I have a regular size middle fin I can use as the fifth fin will this work well help on hard cutbacks w out board slippin out……or should I just ride my tri fin……I know its all personal preference……but when riding this as a quad do have to kind of draw your cut backs out???
    Goin to be surfin uluwatu and I’m a goofy foot…..

  2. Greg Webber says:

    Hi jamie, well the tail fin plugs are only really for the tri fin option. ie take out the tail quads and put in a normal sized tri fin which then sits closer to the tail and so is more stable and not too much fin area for bigger waves. Quads will grip in bigger waves just fine, but they are further up from the tail so they wont draw the arc as long as what the tri fin combo will. Greg

  3. George says:

    Hi Jamie get off the fat burner and get yourself the mistriss ,looser,and easier to turn,I was in the same boat as you but changing boards is the only way you will notice the difference,cheers lennie from bells

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